Located at 41 Mountain Blvd, Warren, NJ, TRU THAI will feed your craving for rich, exotic, fine-dining Thai cuisine. Every dish is cooked with love, imagination and fearless flavor.

TRU THAI takes you from the jostling Bangkok streets and canals to countryside rice paddies and mango groves, from distant mountain villages to stately Royal Palace, delivering true Thai taste in every sense of the word. TRU THAI invites you to discover the Thai philosophy of food. Our Thai dishes are playful and varied, delicious and diverting, full of energy, surprise and wit.

Since 2011, TRU THAI Restaurant has shined as Warren’s premier provider of modern authentic Thai cuisine. As TRU THAI’s culinary backbone and leading innovator in the kitchen, Executive Chef Chai Surinarin hails from Bangkok, Thailand and creates unique dishes using both ancient and contemporary cooking techniques. Cozied up in the Village Square, TRU THAI is recently under new management. Owner Claudia, with background in Finance and Consulting, switched gears in order to pursue her passion of providing the finest Thai cuisine in New Jersey.